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i Bird Dummy

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i Bird. Advanced training aid, teaches your dog like no other. Features

 Partridge size torso designed to be bird shaped. Wing effect makes a slight obstacle for the dog to think around rather than snatch the retrieve. Semi ridged streamer tail aids marking and gives bird like properties. Throwing rope gives good distance with minimal effort. Scent is added internally to get you dog using its nose to find the dummy. Red in colour so its low visability to a dog so can be hidden easier. Floats on water for duck retriever training. Free moving head gives dead bird action. Clean to use as it repels dirt and water. Weight and size are suitable for any dog even youngsters.
Another amazing HH product
Now also available in YELLOW  !!



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Bought this for a laugh

Ha the joke is on me . It is brilliant

Crissy fellows :: 2016-05-13 11:05

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