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Side by side with Anti Tangle swivel

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Side by Side Lead with Anti Tangle swivel © design protected

We are the manufacturers ofThe  original  SIDE BY SIDEcontrol lead 

(Keeping your dog by your side !!)

NOW fitted with Anti-Tangle Swivel to avoid "rope coil"

One size fits all dogs [exepting small toy breeds]

10mm Braided nylon figure eight lead,[nose halter for dogs]

These leads are very popular with trainers  dog walkers and pet owners in general

They fold up easily in your pocket,

They are inexpensive And produce very impressive results !!

They fit over the dogs head and nose

Giving YOU control over excitable and boisterious dogs,

Rubber stopper fitted,

These leads come in a range of colours

Choose from drop down box.

We have been trading since 1979 and have years of experience training & working Gundogs.


The lead is excellent he walks calmly now with slack lead!  Thank you. Nickie Armstrong

Manufacturer: Kennelmate

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Average Rating: 5

Avoid imitations !

I have been using the side by side lead for many years with great success. I have tried the figure 8 lead but no way as good puts too much pressure in wrong places. SIDE BY SIDE from kennelmate is the only one for us as trainers .

Adam French :: 2016-05-13 11:11

Excellent combination !!

I have a rottie who is strong a nightmare to walk on the lead. I am only 8 stone ..I think Benji ( my rottie ) is heavier than me . I bought this side by side with the anti tangle in the hope of getting some control at least .. I am THRILLED !!!!! I have a different dog now. He is easy to hold and respects me :) so happy what a brilliant lead Thank you kennelmate for changing my life ...

Fiona Askwith :: 2014-09-15 09:25

Side by Side with Swivel

A fantastic lead, the swivel really makes a difference if your dog is a circler as mine was, from the first time I used the lead it was like I’d been given a magic wand. If anyone is not sure about getting this lead, believe me it works Thank you for a great service and an even greater LEAD.

Adrian :: 2013-04-29 14:55

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