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What others say ...

At KennelMate we get loads of Messages and magazine reviews from people that love our products.

This page contains a sample of just a few of the letters we have received over the past 26 years we have been running. Keep on writing, we love to hear from you!


Note from Angela Watson  "Returning customer. I purchased 2 nest beds a couple of years ago and they are still going strong and absolutely brilliant. My golden boys love them. This fluted bed is for the van."

Jackie Meager    Once you have a kennelmate bed you will never buy anything else. If you do you will just waste your money

Note from D. Walkley

"I saw you at a Game Fair many years ago. I purchased a crate and bed at that time. Last year I bought another bed. Always been thrilled."

Note from Emma Ford   "My parents have had their current Kennel Mate beds since the 1990's when we purchased them at the Game Fair, so I have high hopes!"

Note from Annette Shaw  "Already have 3of your beds bought December 2011 .still going strong no holes chewed or anything else despite large dogs and puppies."

Note from Jane Ford  "Game fair years ago and have purchased several beds from you since"

Note from Kate Grindrod  "Bought dog cover years ago at Chatsworth show, cover still going strong ."

Quote : Your beds are absolutely fabulous and I would never entertain having anything but one of your beds for my dogs. They are just fabulous and easy to wash and dry in a day.

My original green bed was bought in 2008 and I purchased a second chocolate bed in 2012.

Diane .


Owner of Leonburgers

How can you make such a fabulous large thick comfy dog bed for such a great price. I have 3 and have just bought a spare cover. Not sure i will ever need it but useful when washing a cover because my dogs won't be without their bed. xxx

Babs Dunlop ::

Clive Warren ...Fantastic product indestructable had mine many years brilliant

Hello .Have just been looking on your website for Dog Beds - We have 2 already, BEST BEST beds everand have recommended to lots of friends who have ordered and are delighted with them too.

I then saw you are looking for the oldest Kennelmate bed! I can’t remember when we bought our first one but just found the label but no date on it -

I think we could have bought it around 2002 or earlier?? Still going strong but bought them a second one last year - one in kennel and one in house - absolutely bomb proof - even with chewing puppies!! Attaching photo of the label. 

Hi Susie  Bed covers arrived today and already in use.  Thank you very much for all your excellent service - once again.

Kind Regards.  Jenny Edwards


All arrived and has passed Barney’s quality control inspection as picture suggests!  

Kind Regards  Chris

Angela Watson  He loves the bed...and so far he's not tried to eat it.

Had mine a few years now ..still like new..they've been dug at dragged around..thrown up on and the odd accident on but clean up easily..and I hoover mine daily..wouldn't be without them

My kennelmate beds are at least 11 years old,and have had numerous foster dogs on them many were “scrapers” but the beds stood up well!

Note from Vivien Gray....."I've had your beds for over 30 years" 


Note from Lin Riches  "Have been a customer of yours for many years. Your beds and covers are the best as they last so well and withstand the washing machine perfectly. I've lost count how many nest beds and covers that i've purchased from you."


Sharon Kitson Thank you Susie that is so kind of you, yes definately will put an order in needing couple of new ones your beds are simply the best xx


Note from MARGO RUSHTON "Shopped with you at Midland Game Fair & bought 4 of these leads for mine & my sons dogs, now my daughters want some they are so impressed."


Note from Ann Beard   "Family member who has both nest and travel beds and cannot recommend them highly enough."

Rhea Plant Just to add, the kennelmate beds have been life saver!!! I ended up using the jumbo to sleep on myselfduring the house move, and many people have commented on the dogs beds as so fantastic & useful (even while traveling in & out of hotels, road trips, ferry’s etc!) 
We ???? kennelmate!!

Susie – THANK YOU – it did indeed arrive yesterday and is all fab – as usual!  Rabbit dummy is brilliant; can see why people say yours are better than anyone else’s.  Thanks for expediting order – much appreciated. Janet x

Jo Larkham ❤️  Tthe navy does look great with the purple !
Milly loves hers - for a dog that was never really fussed about a bed, she has been glued to hers! ???? xx  small nest Purple/Navy


Lorna Cameron Tough My Millie adored her nest bed  and the others all shared one like this and a larger one. Swear by them and they can go in the washing machine xx

Lorna Cameron Tough‎ to Kennelmate Dog Beds· 

I can honestly say the purple/navy combination is gorgeous - the purple is just stunning - as soon as one of my reprobates lie on it I shall post up some pics. 

Note from Louise Robertson "we have always had your beds last two have lasted 15 years"


Just to say we have 2 working springers and your beds are second to none. They wash brilliantlyand I am only replacing one cover because the youngest one chewed the corners when he was a puppy and it is now looking rather sad. It is the one we use in the land rover on shoot days. The 2 they have in the boot room look brand new even after a lot of washing and about 6 years!    Janie


Trudy How  Fantastic, colourful, hard wearing products and superb customer service ????

Thank you for speeding up my delivery,bed arrived yesterday,pleased to see it’s the same quality as the 15 year old bed it’s replacing !.....Derek 

Clare Howlett Tell you what, so glad my girls have your brilliant nest beds in their kennel. I know they will be warm and comfortable on them in this freezing weather.

penny powell <penny.powell@yahoo.com> wrote to :

            The nests are great. My spaniel and two spinones each have on and love them. They wash well and look good.

Susie was great at resolving a small issue I had an as customer service goes she was brilliant. Thank you.


Thanks for a first class service and the  bed my 2 working springers love it.  Thanks   Joel 


        Hello Kennelmate  Just received the 1 pound rabbit fur dummy and I have to say that it is the most amazing rabbit fur dummy I have ever bought and there have been many, many of those over the years!  I am very impressed with it and would like to buy the smaller half pound version of it. Will you be re-stocking this item soon? With thanks and kind regards, Joanna Baker-Farmer.


Hi Susie thanks for the bed. Our  10 month old  ex farm collie only nibbled the cover a little ( a miracle) and now sleeps on it happily in the hall. My husband thought I was mad to order it Kylie the collie and us are so pleased we did. Teresa Lenton  On Sunday, 23 July 2017, 


Kimberley Hassell reviewed Kennelmate – 5 star

Quick and easy to order. Speedy delivery and lovely to look at while being practical. Meggie loves her new bed - thank you!

Eileen Pederson reviewed Kennelmate 

Fantastic beds on my 3rd lot now totally indestructibleunless like me when my elderly dog had an accident banged it in washer with normal soap powder ..senior moment 3 times ..so used them up when my lab gave birth ...gone to rescue kenbels now...so they aren't wasted (the beds I mean lol ).but honestly wouldn't use anything else . No flea problem either hairs just fall off them too . Excellent value for money ..super fast delivery too x


Claire Hucklesby Lott reviewed Kennelmate – 5 star

Ordered one day delivered the next. Superb service. Lovely quality bed. Dogs now fighting to get on it!!! Looks like I will be back for another!.Thank you


Hello Susie,        Thank you so much for all your help! The parcel arrived safely yesterday. Your customer service is brilliant!Jean.


from Elliot Austin  "My Doberman has had his original bed for 4 years now, in those 4 years it has been used & abused every day. It has had so much abuse that the filling has gone flat & ive decided to treat him to a new one. I cannot fauLt the product as it has been washed regularly & has stood the test of time with a very enthusiastic owner, sometimes too enthusiastic with it! Before he had this bed he was getting through them at an alarming & expensive rate!"


This item is outstandingly good. Thank you for all the extra effort you went to with my order. With service like this your business deserves every success and I will keep you in mind for future purchases. God Bless +++++++      - shellbeachwaterbaby


Note from Robert Griggs :   "We purchased two small beds from you at the Gamefair in 2009, we had just had a new cocker puppy So bought a bed for Mother and daughter Both beds are still going strong and still look good We are due to get a new cocker pup next month so New bed required, there was no need to look elsewhere!"


Note from Stephen Parker   "Already have 2 off your beds 1 is10 years old"


Janine Smith Absolutely massive difference walking our gsd ,side by side.. fantastic leads and cockerpoo loves his new bed

Lucy Buster Black 
Hi susie I don't know if you use promotional pics to advertise ......but just wanted to let you know the rabbit skin dummies and the originals are fantastic.we ordered I think around a year ago now and the dummies have had constant daily use by our two not so gentle labs,all three have dummies have withstood more abuse than previous game fair brought dummies.... Just wanted to show my gratitude for stocking qualityhttps://www.kennelmate.co.uk/rabbit-dummy.html


Hi Susie  ..Thanks for the ‘articulated’ rabbit  Dummy which arrived today.  The WCS loves it so am hoping it will put some oomph back into the training. She is inclined to suffer from ‘cockeritis’ from time to time - ie days when she isn’t going to retrieve anything, for anybody.  Hopefully I now have a secret weapon to get her motivated!      thanks again  Regards Anthea


Rhea Plant My Dobergirls LOVE their kennelmate nest bed 

Versatile and easy to clean !!
This bed is the BEST all rounder on the market !! Perfect for dog boxes, vehicle, kennel, kitchen, sitting room .. just as the manufacturer says 'wherever the dog needs a place to rest ...' I found having a removable cover the greatest asset although I have hosed the bed down on occasions. I could go on and on about this brilliant bed..last but not least my dogs love it !!
Juliette Hobson :: 

Clare Howlett My girls love their nest beds. They are pup proof and so easy the scrub and then hose down.
Rhea Plant My kennelmate bed has survived two Dobermanns that destroyed every bed so far! Not a mark on it

Received goods and very satisfied with service and quality..Thank you .Alan Pearson. 10.1.16


Hi Susie..Thanks for the kennel mate bed. My lab thoroughly loves sleeping on it ...Lorraine 

Dear Susie,

 The ESSW committee would like to say a massive & heartfelt thank you for your donation of slip leads & training aids.  It was very kind of you to think of us.

 We are currently holding an on line auction through our Facebook page and all of the items have been entered into that, along with the fluted bed you donated previously.

Thank you for continuing to support ESSW.  Kind regards,Sarah


Hello Suzie.

I am still using a Kennelmate bed that I bought at Fenland fair. It has a camo pattern and the lable has the phone number 01239858818. I think it was late nineties early 2000 ish. If you wish for pictures I will get Daughter to send them to you. Best wishes Chris Willis. Brookcott Gundogs 

September 2015


I still have one that I use with my dogs every day in the back of my car.

As you have Sharon’s email I guess that she would have ordered it and I think it was bought for our old black lab Paddy who I think would have been 13 years old this year.

Matthew Burman September 2015


Hi Susie,

Here are Rudi and a "leaky" Saffy 13 & "Poppy" 14  on their Kennelmate this morning!  Poppy and Saffy were puppies when we bought this in 2002for our then elderly 14 year old cavalier.

As you can see, they can't all fit, so I was looking at your site to see if you actually still make them, as this is the only waterproof washable bed that has stayed waterproof! For 13 years! 

Kind regards, Sam      

September 2015


Thank you Susie.  I bought two of these beds earlier in the year for my two Labs and they are great (in addition to the one which must be over 12 years old now in their kennel).  We are now day-boarding a friend’s Lab and she couldn’t be left out in bed-stakes, so she will have her own lovely bed too!

All best,Janet 

September 2015


Note from Christine Symons

"Have purchased from Kennel Mate previously- via Parent's address. Excellent choice of the Side by Side lead, has made life much better when I have to place dog on lead post her "run around" as prior to this unable to manage her as she pulled to much (which is hard when you have back problems), Thank you."


Dear Susie

The bedding and blue lead have just arrived. I am impressed with the quality of the beds. The cover fits our crate foam base perfectly, and will make life a lot easier for cleaning. Just need to persuade the dog to start using a bed indoors now! Will start with the travel mat and see how we get on. Thank-you again for the blue lead and your great customer service.

See you again at Frampton hopefully.Kind Regards Karen.


Dear Susie

Thank you very much for your help with our order which arrived today.

I am sure the dogs will enjoy a fulfilling and relaxing sleep on their new bed tonight.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas

Many thanks

Meirion and Morwen Bowen


Just to say the cover has arrived.  Fantastic service, many thanks!

Regards Christina


Note from Alexandra Coghill

"Repeat customer -yours are the only beds that withstand my chewy labrador. Now need a new bed for her puppy.


Karl Bird 

        Good morning,

 I bought one of your beds at the MGF and its fantastic, so good that I want to buy another for my Lintran dog box. Regards. Karl



Hi Susie

Thank you so much for the dog beds they look brilliant in our new dog trailer also for doing them so quickly we are away this weekend so have come just at the right time.

Regards Graham Goldsmith.


Note from Russ Bragg

"Won some dummies and a lead that you donated as a prize at a scurry in Gargrave.The dummy has lasted a lot longer than my previous supplier – thank you."

    Best price on the web

Great price and great quality . Well definitely buy from you again...

Hugo Mckensie :: Today, 05:32




So pleased with your fab products !! The dummies and leads are brilliant and as for the fluted bed.. Just perfect..... Excellent Quality & service . Many Thanks kennelmate

Fluted mattress bed Lg COMPLETE » Today, 01:08 - Harriet Robotham <>


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Great Find !!!

I discovered your Kennelmate Large Dog Bed through a google search ! I am so pleased I took the time to read the excellent reviews as this is how I decided to buy from you .. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED....Quite the opposite ..I AM MORE THAN HAPPY .. and so are my dogs !! Cheers . Will be back for more of your products as the quality is Excellent..

LARGE Dog Bed NEST » Today, 00:26 - Daniel Radford <>


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Need another !!

I purchased 2 of youe fluted beds in the Large size for my Dobermans and they love them.. I now need to buy a smaller one for my French Bull Dog who also Loves them ;) Shall order later today.

Fluted mattress bed Lg COMPLETE » Yesterday, 21:49 - Kate Heel <>


The BEST on the Market

I am not one to praise unless it is really worthy ! The kennelmate dog beds are the BEST I have ever had... and I have tried them all ..

Peter Storidge :: Yesterday, 22:49



We bought this bed for our cocker spaniel over 3 years ago and it still looks great. Very durable, easy to hoover and wash! Now got a new puppy and just ordered one for him.

Suzie Smyth-Roberts :: 2014-05-29 10:44



Note from Rebecca garbutt

"Shooting magazine. I have bought your beds before.I've had them for about five years. Just renewing one. They are brilliant!


Love my bag. I have the chestnut coloured one with a liver and white springer on the pocket. Washes great and dry in no time at all. One of the most useful bags I have.

Training Bag Embroidered » 2014-05-31 08:58 - Beth Peake <info.sewcrafty4u@gmail.com>

We bought this bed for our cocker spaniel over 3 years ago and it still looks great. Very durable, easy to hoover and wash! Now got a new puppy and just ordered one for him.
Suzie Smyth-Roberts :: 


Thank you, order received.Excellent service, excellent dog beds.

Regards Alan rose

Thank you for the excellent service as always. My little Romanian street dog has never shown much interest in play andshe loved the fur ball Lynn Glanville.


Hi Susie
I received my order today everything is perfect !!  Many thanks  Peterpeter colquhoun [peter@thelockexchange.co.uk]   On 18 Apr 2014 12:22, 


Many thanks for the excellent service . Bed arrived before i d got out of mine .!  Thankyou  Steve Bontoft


Hi sue & co.   Just thought I would drop you a thank you email for the great service I received from yourselves.After trying a couple of beds from " pets at home"  for near as damn it a hundred pound a timeI finally stumbled across yourKennelmate  beds  on twitter, I have 3 labs but one of themhad a dust mite allergy which has now passed us by and the dogs are very happy with there new bed as you can see.

Many thanks steve   



I Purchased thismagnetic padmonths ago..I saw a vast improvement , but it wasn't until My dog went to stay at friends for a month "without his kennelmate bed and magnetic pad" that I noticedJUST HOW GOOD IT WAS !!! He came back very sore and stiff after just a month without them !! Needless to say I will not do that that again..They say you don't know how good something is until you lose it !! Benji is now back on his bed with magnetic pad and he is improving already.. What a brilliant combination kennelmate.Thank you for giving benji quality of life !!! Julie Smeasdon x


Hello, from FRANCE 
Just a quick note, I've sent you a couple of pics but neither really shows how amazing the bed real is, my daughter wants one for her bedroom!  As for the side by side lead, you have literally changed my life! Mae is an incredibly good natured kind dog but at 1 year and over 30kg a little over excitable at times, which has restricted her outdoor activities, with the side by side she can come everywhere with us, which is fantastic, thank you so much, I will be recommending to anyone and everyone who'll listen!

A very happy customer,Suzi Park......Beaulieu Sur Mer. France


Fantastic! We could pop over tomorrow afternoon if that fits in with you? Your dog beds are simply the best! This will be our third, only replacing as the filling squashes over time.
alisonjackson2@googlemail.comSent from my iPhone


Joy F Devine
Just wanted to say thank you for my order. Fantastic and good quality as usual : January 2014


Customer Review : Early Christmas present
I have treated myself to this launcher . After trawling the internet I came across kennelmate . Thank Goodness !! Such a helpful and knowledgeable young lady named Susie guided me through the do's and dont's. I purchased the launcher , dummies and blanks and have had a very successful experience with my new "Christmas present to me " Thank you so much Susie. You deserve to have a very successful business ... Have a very happy Christmas . Camilla Foskin  
Dummy Launcher plus PVC dummy » Nov 28 2013, 02:38 AM - Ms Foskin  http://www.kennelmate.co.uk/dummy-launcher-plus-pvc-dummy.html




@KennelmateUK Hi I ordered a dog bed from you on Monday night and it came today. Can't beat that for service five star***** Thanks Kev& Max


Hi there,
Just wanted to say thank you for such a quick and efficient service. Monty, my springer, loves his bed. It arrived so quickly and you were very helpful with colours etc. I shall certainly recommend your beds to my friends! The photo is Monty enjoying his bed :)  Thanks  Bryony Gilder


Note from Samantha Argent  "Already have two beds - replacing after 6 years of heavy use by outdoor living labradors!"
Side by side lead ....Incredible lead which stops all pulling. Fantastic.Buyer:13-Oct-13 11:07
 Side by Side control lead gentle controller halti (#111168521134)
Fantastic Dummies !!
Have used canvas type dummies for 20 odd years so hard to convert me to new ones ! but ... The WBH Deluxe dummies are harder wearing better balanced and float better ! will never look back ....  
Sep 25 2013, 08:33 AM - paul smith



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