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Postage & Packaging


Whilst some companies offer "Free Shipping" and hide the cost of the postage & packaging in the product price, we prefer not to take this option and have, therefore, calculated and taken into consideration the cost of product and shipping.


Our dog beds are bulky and this is reflected in the shipping costs.  However, we strive to be fair to our customers and we do not charge for packing materials or labour.  We are very aware of rising costs of shipping goods today and although the postage costs on some items may appear to be a little expensive, we have reduced the cost of these products to compensate for this.


As you add items to your basket, the shipping costs will automatically update to give a clear view of how much it costs.

If you have a  BT post code N.I  please contact office for quote . Your order will be refunded if we have not agreed shipping costs.


We would like you to enjoy your shopping experience with Kennelmate; therefore, if you feel the postage is still too expensive on our smaller items, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will see if I can find an alternative method of posting.



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