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Side by Side Lead

Product Code: SidebySide

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As featured on BBC COUNTRYFILE Sept 15th 

We are the manufacturers ofThe  original  SIDE BY SIDEcontrol lead 

(Keeping your dog by your side !!)

One size fits all dogs [exepting small toy breeds]

10mm Braided nylon figure eight lead,[nose halter for dogs]

These leads are very popular with trainers  dog walkers and pet owners in general

They fold up easily in your pocket,

Thank you Kennelmate for this amazing lead. Lovely walk with George in the sunshine. He was happy and able to be controlled on this lead - no pulling or trying to run after other dogs and children. The leads are really amazing! Julie Bache ..

They are inexpensive And produce very impressive results !!


They fit over the dogs head and nose

Giving YOU control over excitable and boisterious dogs,

Rubber stopper fitted,

These leads come in a range of colours

Choose from drop down box.

We have been trading since 1979 and have years of experience training & working Gundogs.


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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Brilliant lead

I have a mad staffie and have never thought about putting anything over her nose, she is a dreadfull puller on lead or harness, 2 days of this and she walks by my side without having having to use nose piece, she hated it and it has taught her. Will recommend to other doggie people, its lovely and lightweight to

Pauline Moore :: 2015-08-20 09:30


Susie recommended this lead for my mum's great galoot of a chocolate lab, Sam. Although he's always been good on the lead, he did tend to stop suddenly when he wanted to sniff something or found a tasty morsel that someone had dropped - as a big dog, this sudden stopping could pull your arm without his meaning to. I took Susie's recommendation and tried the Side-By-Side Lead and all I can say is WOW ... what a difference! He doesn't pull at all and, within a few days, he was used to the lead around his nose. Mum's been struggling with arthritis recently and has various people helping out taking Sam for a walk - they are all in agreement that he's fab on this lead. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially those with a strong dog. Thanks Susie, it's made a massive difference to taking our gorgeous mutt out!

Clare Stuart West :: 2013-03-19 18:22

so impressed

Note from MARGO RUSHTON "Shopped with you at Midland Game Fair & bought 4 of these leads for mine & my sons dogs, now my daughters want some they are so impressed."


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