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Comfortable dog beds, with a removable waterproof cover made of smart tough fabric, encasing a 'nest' shaped thermal cushion


Designed for where width space is limited, this narrower Kennelmate is ideal for fitting under kitchen work surfaces.

With the same luxury and thickness as the rest of the range, the Slimline Nest Dog Bed can comfortably accommodate two smaller breed dogs; our two Cocker Spaniels love sharing this bed ... and "Poppy" (black lab illustrated) clearly loves her new slimline bed! Photo courtesy of Jane Faircliffe.


Size... 24" x 48" (61cm x 122cm)

Suitable for ... all but giant breeds


Spare covers are available


Other sizes ... click on size to view product 

Jumbo127 x 15250 x 60
Extra Large101 x 12740 x 50
Large89 x 11435 x 45
Medium76 x 8930 x 35
Slimline61 x 12224 x 48
Small63 x 7625 x 30


Manufacturer: Kennelmate


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

The missus Is happy !!

Not a beleiver in dog beds all around the house !! But after a rant and rave the missus talked me into buying a kennelmate .... It fits under the work surface and the dogs love it. The missus loves it and I have to admitt I think it is a very good bed .

Allan Norman :: 2016-05-13 11:07

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